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The Weaselhead Society is continually developing new learning tools that allow young and old alike to learn independently or in groups. Some of our learning tools are traditional and expected, some are unique and unexpected. We hope that you will choose the tools that best suit your needs and help us develop new tools that foster involvement and inspire imaginations.


Curriculum-based School Field Trips

The Weaselhead Society works with Calgary schools to bring more than 3000 kids to the park every year. Developed with assistance from Alberta Ecotrust, Chevron and Shell Resources, our curriculum based programs are available to kids in grades 4 though 9.

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Weekend Field Trips & Ecotours

The Weaselhead Society, the Calgary Field Naturalists Society, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and the Wild Bird Store all offer field trips into the Weaselhead area (and other natural areas) on a regular basis. All are suitable for adults and some -- but not all -- are suitable for children.

With few exceptions, these field trips are designed to involve everyone from beginner to expert. They are not only a great way to learn about nature, they are a great way to meet other people who are interested in nature.

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Independent Study

The Weaselhead Society believes that one of the best ways for all people (small children included) to learn about nature is to keep records of what they see and to practice sketching the plants and animals around them.

In order to provide the tools for this extremely important approach to life long learning, we have created an online database that allows people from anywhere in Alberta to report the plants and animals they see in their backyards and local parks. This database is fully searchable so that students can refer back to their previous records and to the records of others.

By keeping records and sketch books, students learn about the creatures around them. They also learn about the annual rythms of their local ecosystems. Most importantly though, they learn about the importance of sharing what they see with other people so that others may also learn from their observations.


Some people learn best through the process of asking and answering questions. Our online community brings together people from around the world in a forum that allows the exchange of ideas and the sharing of images.

Private messaging is turned off and using the message board to arrange meetings is prohibited. Every forum is also moderated by at least one adult. And as a further security enhancement, the IP addresses of all users are logged and archived.

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Children (and adults) typically learn much more through stuctured play than they do in a formal classroom setting. Therefore the Society places a large degree of emphasis on the development of games and other creative learning tools.

Nature Trivia

Our extraordinarily popular Nature Trivia game is designed to adjust itself to the skill levels of the players playing it. It integrates images and sounds in a creative way and helps even the most advanced nature watchers hone their memories and expand their knowledge bases.


This website is home to a growing nature encyclopedia that will one day include a basic profile of every plant or animal ever reported in Alberta. Contributions are welcome for every park, natural area, town or village in Alberta. If you are interested in writing or rewriting (all or part of) any profile, please let us know. This is a big project and we are always looking for new content and more volunteers who are able to work independently.

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Learning modules are a traditional form of teaching that attempt to integrate a variety of learning methods. Since this site is used by both classroom teachers and home schoolers, we try to offer a variety of modules. However, we can always use some help. Please contact us if you are interested in developing a learning module for use on this site.

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