Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society’s 22nd ANNUAL VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION PICNIC,

LABOUR DAY MONDAY SEPT. 3rd from 10:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.


Because of ongoing construction at our usual Snowy Owl site, OUR EVENT LOCATION THIS YEAR IS THE PICNIC SHELTER AT SANDY BEACH. The official address is 4500 14A Street SW.

Please join us for a wonderful one-hour guided Nature Walk starting at 11 a.m. We launch into lunch, a Szechuan feast, shortly after noon, and yes, it’s all FREE!

This is our opportunity to thank everyone who has helped out with our organization, no matter how big or small over the past few years.

PLEASE RSVP to Paul Finkleman:  and indicate the number of people you’ll be bringing.

May Flower Count 2018



We had a great this past Saturday for our May Flower Count, led by Weaselhead Naturalist Cassiano Porto.

2018MayflowerCount4 Photo: Brieannah Mollison-Read

Our first May Flower Count was held in May of 2017, and we plan to continue running them each year in order to record the specie that are currently flowering at this time of year. Data collected from this event will be used to monitor biodiversity in the park and to see how climate change affects the timing of flowering plants each year. This year we recorded a total of 50 flowering species (compared to only 39 species last year a this same time).

Here are a few of the species seen:

2018MayflowerCount5     bastard toeflax - Rebeccah Shcwab       18700326_1896586347033590_712176810008934454_n       Fairy Bells - Rebeccah Schwab


Gold Currant                         Bastard Toad Flax               Pale Coralroot                      Roughfruit Fairybells

(Brieannah Mollison Read)    (Rebeccah Schwab)            (Rebeccah Schwab)            (Rebeccah Schwab)


You can see a full list of the species we recorded here: mayflowercount specie list 2018.

Check out more photo from the day here:

Want to be involved in our citizen science Bioblitzes in the park this summer? We have 4 more bioblitzes happening throughout June and July. See more info and register here:


Thank You to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for their financial support in making this event possible!



BioBlitz 151: Weaselhead Species Count


This summer we are continuing our data collection from the ‘Canada 150 BioBlitz’ Alberta Council for Environmental Education and Canadian Wildlife Federation held with us last year in the park.

Join us to learn about the many different species of flora and fauna in the park while collecting data on biodiversity for monitoring purposes.

Please reserve your spot here:
and select which dates you would like to attend.
Max. 20 participants/event

Saturday, May 26 – May Flower Count
Saturday, June 9 – Bird Inventory
Saturday June 23 – Terrestrial Beetles
Saturday, July 7- Aquatic Invertebrates
SUNDAY, July 22-Bumble Watch

No experience necessary. Each bioblitz will be paired a species expert to help with identification. Children are welcome.
*PLEASE NOTE: Each event will contain about 4-5km of walking.

Suggested $5 Donation per event.


This event is made possible from the support of TD Friends of the Environment


WGPPS News Release Re: Ministerial order regarding Environmental Appeal


News Release


Feb. 2, 2018


Weaselhead / Glenmore Park Preservation Society (WGPPS)


Re: Ministerial order regarding Environmental Appeal No.17-047 and 17-050 issued January 29, 2018, Minister of Alberta Environment and Parks.


The Board of the Weaselhead / Glenmore Park Preservation Society (WGPPS) commends the Provincial Government and Minister Shannon Phillips for their decision to protect the wetlands in and adjacent to the Weaselhead Natural Park. We applaud the precedent-setting decision that its Ministerial Order sets for future Alberta developments.


The Ministerial Order recognizes the value of wetlands and specifically notes the significance of wetlands in urban environments for public enjoyment, as an educational tool, and for flood mitigation. It also states that wetlands disturbance avoidance is paramount and, if disturbance cannot be avoided, mitigation is required. The so-called relocation of wetlands should be considered only as a last resort option.


We are very grateful for the recognition implied in the Minister’s Order of the WGPPS’s stewardship and leadership regarding the wetlands in the Weaselhead and the adjoining watershed.


The WGPPS also appreciates the many hours of work and dedication undertaken by Jeff Brookman and Allie Tulick of YYC Cares, who launched and spearheaded the appeal. We also are grateful for the time, effort and integrity shown by the Environmental Appeals Board and Alberta Environment. Lastly, as the president of the WGPPS and on behalf of our Board of Directors and hundreds of members, I would like to thank our Executive Director Sarah Nevill, who acted on behalf of the WGPPS as an intervener.


The WGPPS looks forward to working in cooperation with the Province and its agents in monitoring the health of Beaver Pond, which is located in the southwest corner of Weaselhead Park, the wetland that figures so prominently in the Ministerial Order.


The Weaselhead / Glenmore Park Preservation Society is dedicated to protecting the fauna and flora of the Weaselhead and Glenmore Parks and to preserve the integrity of the Elbow River for future generations.


Yves Dansereau, President

Weaselhead AGM 2017

Fall Weaselhead

Please Join Us!
When: November 2, 2017
Where: Lakeview Community Association 6100 34 St. SW
Doors & Refreshments: 7:00pm
Meeting: 7:30pm

In addition to the Agenda below you can expect:

Poetry performance by Naturalist Audrey Lane Cockett

Findings of initial results of our SW Ring Road Impact Study of the Beaver Pond presented by Naturalist Cassiano.


  1. 7:30 pm Call to Order (doors open at 7.00pm)
  1. Appointment of Recording Secretary
    • Appointment of Patricia Prevey to record Meeting Minutes
  1. Approval of 2016 AGM Minutes
  1. Approval of 2017 AGM Agenda
  1. President’s Report (Paul Finkleman)
  1. Executive Director’s Report (Sarah Nevill)
  1. Treasurers Report (Heather Sheppard)
    • Presentation of the audited accounts for 2016/2017
  1. Nominations for Board of Directors*
    • Nominations from the floor
    • Approval of new Board of Directors.
  1. Additional Business Presented
    • Closing Remarks
  1. Meeting adjournment

*Current Directors: Paul Finkleman, President; Heather Sheppard, Treasurer; Pat Prevey, Secretary; Gary Haerle, Education Director;  Rosemarie Foley, Nominations Director; Lindal Heppner; Susan Ryan; Yves Dansereau, Jeromy Farkas

Weaselhead Soundscapes at Beakerhead

Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society’s Soundscapes Project

at Beakerhead Festival

Join us in a wild night celebrating and showcasing local landscapes, local talent, and park naturalists.

WHERE: Blank Page Studio
WHEN: 6:00-8:30:pm show
stay and mingle after

Five talented artists have gathered at the intersection of art, park, and city in order to witness changes and capture the biodiverse and dynamic soundscape of the Elbow River Wetlands located in Weaselhead Park.

Come share in this experience through the fusion of spoken word, dance, and music. All accompanied by wild sounds and visuals.

The show will be followed by talk back with artists, park naturalists, and audience, surrounding creative ways to engage with urban wild.

Audrey Lane Cockett
Cobra Collins
Erin Dingle
Sabrina Naz
Jesse Shire

Donation at the door. Recommended $10.00. 

Space is limited so Please RSVP with the number of people attending to:

Rebeccah Schwab

*Please be there no later than 6:00pm to ensure your spot. After that unused spots will be given away.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

You and your family are warmly invited!

Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society’s 22nd ANNUAL VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION PICNIC and FEAST on Labour Day

WHEN: Monday, September 4th, 10:30am-2:00pm 

WHERE: Snowy Owl Picnic Site, North Glenmore Park (200 metres east of the 37th Street and 66th Avenue S.W. park entrance).


LUNCH: Shortly after noon

Yes, it’s all free!

This is our opportunity to thank anyone and everyone who has been a member or helped out with our organization in any way, no matter how big or small, over the past few years by offering up a veritable feast of Peking and Szechuan delicacies along with a variety of refreshing drinks.  Plates and cutlery will provided, but we encourage you to bring your own plates and utensils for all the right reasons.

Please RSVP with the number of people attending to Paul Finkleman:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Paul Finkleman, WGPPS President
Sarah Nevill, Executive Director


May Flower Count 2017

May Flower Count

May Flower Count

This initiative is aligned with Nature Alberta’s May species count that they have been doing annually since 1976. Their count, which usually occurs towards the end of May/early June includes counts of flowering plants, birds, and sometimes mammals.
The purpose behind the May Flower Count is to help track climate driven changes in the number of flowering plants in areas across Alberta.
This year, we held our first one in Weaselhead Park and recorded 39 Flowering Species! 
You can see the full list of species observed here: mayflowercount2017

SW Ring Road: Weaselhead Position Statement

The Weaselhead /Glenmore Park Preservation Society (WGPPS )

WGPPS Position Statement Regarding

Calgary Southwest Ring Road Construction (SWCRR)

The Province of Alberta awarded the contract to the construction consortium KGL, and construction has started in many places along the Calgary Southwest Ring Road route.  Several areas will directly affect the Weaselhead Natural Environment Park.  The 1.3 kilometre-long diversion of the Elbow River began in April 2017.

Is the Weaselhead Society “supportive” of the presence of the Ring Road project along the Weaselhead Natural Park?  The answer is No.

Where are we now?  

The mandate of the WGPPS has always been to preserve the integrity and bio-diversity of the natural environment park area and to raise awareness of the environmental and social significance of the Weaselhead.

  • WGPPS preferred option for the Weaselhead would have been no road.
  • The second option would have been a crossing design that minimized environmental impact, rather than the cut-and-fill causeway with a re-aligned, entrenched river and limited wildlife corridor.
  • Strong support for the Provincial Ring Road project in the City of Calgary arose as a perceived way of alleviating traffic heading into the downtown core. The provincial mandate is to construct a ring road to bypass Calgary, not a commuter route within the City. The WGPPS views the Ring Road as an “avoidance” artery that will have a limited impact on travel times to the core of Calgary, especially once development in the far SW communities increases traffic to the ring road’s capacity. The Province – Tsuut’ina Nation Agreement has a deadline of November 2021 (seven years after the 2014 land transfer agreement).
  • If the Project is not built to certain specifications contained in the Agreement, all lands will be returned to the Tsuut’ina Nation. The understanding is that the Tsuut’ina Nation regards the Ring Road as a desirable project to spur economic development on the east side of their lands.

WGPPS Goals Achieved:

  • Constant pressure resulted in changing the route from the 37th Street SW to the present routing; outside but very close to the Park.
  • The Elbow River bridge (gap in the berm) is now twice as long as originally planned.  The River Crossing is now safe for the Glenmore Dam (in an extreme flood scenario), and will permit passage of some wildlife.
  • Re-vegetation of the Ring Road Corridor and Elbow River Re-alignment: We persuaded the Project Coordinators to use more suitable seed mixes. Also, we convinced the Province to provide shrubs and trees in the corridor to improve connectivity for birds.
  • The beaver pond near the embankment: Our input resulted in the Right of Way embankment to be moved 30 meters west, and now avoids the beaver pond.
  • Installation of Less damaging downward pointing lighting (Royal Astronomical Society and WGPPS). 
  • WGPPS has been supportive of the relocation of the 37th street storm water outfall, a successful endeavour initiated by residents of Lakeview Community.
  • At the Ring Road’s Fish Creek crossing: the length of the bridge has now been doubled and matches the wildlife passage of the City’s pre-existing bridge. The public work WGPPS and Calgary River Valleys (CRV) presented to the decision makers (City of Calgary) had a major impact.

WGPPS Goals not Achieved:

  • WGPPS failed to stop the Ring Road from being a concern to the Park with respect to highway noise and light pollution.
  • WGPPS preferred a multi-span bridge instead of a berm.
  • As a result of the river re-alignment, the ecology of the Elbow River Valley will change from a meandering river environment to more directly controlled flow, and the direct river course will have an adverse effect on the Elbow River riparian vegetation wetland.
  • The integrity of preserving the Park space was broken when the Province annexed 5 acres of the Weaselhead Park with compensation to the City of Calgary.  WGPPS had considered the integrity of the Park ‘safe’ with its designation as a ‘protected natural area’.

WGPPS Action Items

Pursue mitigation initiatives:

  • Installation and monitoring of state-of-the art storm water management.
  • Dust, salinity, and particulate control.
  • Wildlife and aquatic management measures.
  • Appropriate re-vegetation of the berm and construction areas.
  • Essential sound abatement constructs.
  • Arising impacts.

We watch like hawks….We make sure everything is done in an environmentally safe manner, and report any and all infractions.

We continue to communicate our concerns to the Province and civic officials.
Board of Directors,
Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society

May 7, 2017

WGPPS –   Weaselhead Glenmore Park Preservation Society (Weaselhead Society)
SWCRR – Southwest Calgary Ring Road – referred to as the Ring Road
CRV – Calgary River Valleys organization
KGL –  SWCRR construction consortium