Alberta, Canada
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American Milk-vetch
Astragalus americanus
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Also known as - American Rattlepod.

Latin synonyms - Astragalus frigidus

Native to Alberta. Perennial.

General Description

By Gustave J. Yaki

Native of western N. America. Uncommon. Stems, stout, usually single, erect, 5-10m; sparsely hairy to smooth; mid-June-July. Leaves, alternate; 7-15 elliptic-oblong leaflets, 2-4cm; hairless above, few hairs below; stipules conspicuous, reflexed, the lower nodes marked by stipules only. Flowers, several finger-like (raceme), many-flowered, open clusters, usually shorter than the leaves; petals white, turning yellow, or brownish, 13-15cm long; June-August. Fruit, pods, drooping, inflated, elliptic or oval, thin-skinned, shiny, 1.5-2cm long. Habitat: stream banks and moist woods. sWeas.N50.59.518/W114.08.931; S. Glenmore.

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Where to find American Milk-vetch in Alberta   

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American Milk-vetch Stories from our Readers   

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Recent American Milk-vetch Reports in Alberta

Abundance Location Reporter Date
Present Piper Creek Blake 2009/07/24
Present Leduc County Blake 2009/06/02
Present Ponoka County Blake 2009/05/30
Present Medicine Lodge Hills Natural Area Blake 2008/06/11
Present River Bend Blake 2005/08/19

American Milk-vetch Hotspots in Alberta

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