Alberta, Canada
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Siberian Peashrub
Caragana arborescens
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Also known as - Common Caragana, Caragana, Siberian Pea-tree.

Not native to Alberta. Perennial.

General Description


Common Caragana is an imported shrub that's popular with gardeners. Occasionally seeds from cultivated specimens find their way into the wild. It's not surprising that this ornamental shrub copes well when it escapes from the windbreaks and hedges of towns and suburbs; it's drought-resistant and can grow in poor soil. One finds it in woods and along roadsides.

Common Caragana belongs to the pea family, and this is evident in the showy flower whose shape is similar to that of a Sweet-Pea. The colour of the flower, however, is a bright yellow. The flower has five joined sepals, and is between 12 mm and 25 mm long (up to the size of a quarter).

The fruit is a hard, narrow, dark brown pod, 4 cm - 5 cm long (up to the length of a person's little finger). It bursts open with a loud popping sound, and releases many seeds.

The pale-green oval leaves are about the size of a quarter. They're a little hairy when they're young, but they become smooth as they mature. The bark is olive green to grey and has horizontal markings.

Common Caragana grows into a spreading tree about 4 metres tall (double the height of a tall man).

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Where to find Siberian Peashrubs in Alberta   

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Recent Siberian Peashrub Reports in Alberta

Abundance Location Reporter Date
Present Oriole Park Blake 2011/05/29
Present Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary Blake 2011/05/18
Common Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary McKerracher 2010/09/05
Present Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary Blake 2010/05/25
Present Fairview Escarpment Blake 2010/05/24

Siberian Peashrub Hotspots in Alberta

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