Alberta, Canada
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Black Henbane
Hyoscyamus niger
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Also known as - Fetid Nightshade, Henbane.

Not native to Alberta. Annual or biennial. Noxious weed. Poisonous.

General Description

By Gustave J. Yaki

Introduced from Europe. Becoming increasingly common. Noxious weed. Should be pulled before going to seed. POISONOUS if eaten by man or beast. Stems, stout, erect, to 1.5m tall; with unpleasant smell, sticky-hairy. Leaves, alternate; oval to oblong; coarse irregular teeth or lobes, wavy edged, sharp tipped, downy, 1-2dm long; basal leaves on biennial plants may be up to 45cm long, 15cm wide. Flowers, in long 1-sided leafy spikes; yellow background marked with purple, funnel-shaped, 2-3cm long; soon turning brown; the cup-shaped sepals dries white, remaining conspicuous overwinter; June-Sept. Fruit, a vase-shaped globular capsule; seeds, brownish-grey, egg-shaped, with minute, blunt, rounded projections; each plant can produce 100,000 seeds, viable for at least 5 years. Habitat: disturbed places, especially rail-lines, gravel pits. sWeas. at green bridge; plants pulled before blossoming in 2002.

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Where to find Black Henbane in Alberta   

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Recent Black Henbane Reports in Alberta

Abundance Location Reporter Date
Present Lloydminster rosnes 2010/07/18
Uncommon Alberta S Koehl 2010/06/25
Present Horseshoe Canyon Blake 2009/06/29
Abundant Rural (W of Calgary) Stewart 2009/04/14
Present Baker Pk Rowe 2009/02/16

Black Henbane Hotspots in Alberta

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