Alberta, Canada
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Auden's Water Boatman
Callicorixa audeni
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General Description

By Nora Bryan

Audenís Water Boatman is the most common species of its Family in Alberta. Water Boatmen are found across Alberta in both standing and flowing water. In autumn, large swarms of perhaps more than one species might be found in streams, swimming pools that havenít been emptied yet for winter, or littered around electric lights at night.

These small bugs (around 8 mm or ? in.) have no obvious antennae, and large eyes, but the most interesting things about them are their distinctive legs. The front legs are small and scoop-shaped for digging about in the sediments at the bottom of their watery homes. The long, slender middle pair is used for gripping rocks or vegetation. The long paddle-shaped pair of back legs gives the Water Boatman its common name.

Like bugs in general, the arrangement of the wings on the back make an ĎXí pattern, which is a good way for lay people to tell a bug from a beetle. The wings are dark with tan lines and squiggles.

The Water Boatmen carry a bubble of water about on their undersides, and return to the surface to get a new one when it is depleted.

Water Boatmen eat small things, and once were thought to eat algae, but are now believed to probably be active predators.

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Where to find Auden's Water Boatmans in Alberta   

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Auden's Water Boatman Behaviour   

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Interesting Facts about Auden's Water Boatmans   

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Auden's Water Boatman Stories from our Readers   

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Recent Auden's Water Boatman Reports in Alberta

No. Location Reporter Date
2000 Grande Prairie Clark 2008/08/12
2 Fish Creek Pk O'Brien 2004/09/22
3 Pearce Estate Pk Bilou 2004/07/31
2 Carburn Pk Bilou 2004/07/11

Auden's Water Boatman Hotspots in Alberta

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