Alberta, Canada
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American Woodcock
Scolopax minor
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General Description

By Gustave J. Yaki

This is a woodland bird from eastern North America. It is reported in the literature as being casual in summer at Edmonton, but with no substantiating evidence.

As if to confirm that statement, there is a hypothetical sighting of one bird feeding on the lawn at Edmonton on 1 September 1974. Unfortunately, it flew before it could be photographed.

The American Woodcock specializes in earthworms, eating more than its own weight a day. However, when not available, it can survive on other soil invertebrates.

The nest is a shallow depression, usually on the edge of a wooded area. The female incubates the four eggs for about 21 days, then broods and guards the young. Flying ability is achieved when only two weeks old.

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Where to find American Woodcocks in Alberta   

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