Alberta, Canada
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Creeping Bellflower
Campanula rapunculoides
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Also known as - Garden Bluebell, Creeping Bluebell, Creeping Campanula, Garden Harebell, Purple-bell, Rover Bellflower.

Not native to Alberta. Perennial. Noxious weed.

General Description

By Gustave J. Yaki

Introduced from Eurasia. An abundant garden escape, which has become a tenacious weed. Noxious weed. Stems, erect, unbranched, to 1m tall, forming dense clumps from thick tuber-like rhizome and white creeping roots; often hairy. Leaves, alternate; heart-shaped with long stalks below, lance-shaped, stemless above; some hairs below; often wavy-edged and coarsely toothed. Flowers, from axils of upper leaves; usually 1-sided; solitary, nodding, bell-shaped, blue to purple, 2-3cm long; June-Oct. Fruit, round capsule, opening to release tiny, light brown, shiny seeds; each plant may produce up to 3,000 seeds. Habitat: gardens, lawns, hedgerows, fence-lines. sWeas.N50.58.986/W114.08.709.

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Where to find Creeping Bellflower in Alberta   

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Creeping Bellflower Stories from our Readers   

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Recent Creeping Bellflower Reports in Alberta

Abundance Location Reporter Date
Rare Mountain View County f 2010/09/03
Abundant Lethbridge cairns 2010/06/23
Abundant Forest Heights Sear 2010/05/19
Present Piper Creek Blake 2009/07/24
Present Waskasoo / Woodlea Blake 2009/06/19

Creeping Bellflower Hotspots in Alberta

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