Alberta, Canada
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Aspen leafroller
Pseudexentera oregonana
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General Description

By Nora Bryan

The inconspicuous small grey or charcoal coloured moth and the caterpillars are rarely seen, but the rolled leaves of aspens are a giveaway. Rolling up in leaves protects the cream coloured, brown-headed caterpillars against predation, and is a common strategy in Tortricid caterpillars, of which the Aspen Leafroller is a member.

The aspen leafroller overwinters as a pupa, and emerges as an adult when things warm up in spring. The moth completes its remaining purpose to mate and lay eggs. The successful female lays her eggs on the aspen, and the emerging caterpillars get busy as soon as they hatch.

There are other leaf-rolling caterpillars in Alberta, each of them with their own favorite trees to roll and eat the leaves from. Leafrollers rarely do any real harm to a healthy tree.

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Aspen leafroller Behaviour   

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Recent Aspen leafroller Reports in Alberta

No. Location Reporter Date
20000 Huntington Hills Musa 2011/07/06
1 Ogden House 2009/06/29
2000 Town of Devon Bohme 2007/07/03
100 Haddow Davidson 2007/06/06
10 Terwillegar Towne gabert 2007/06/06

Aspen leafroller Hotspots in Alberta

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