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Funnel Web Weaver Family
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General Description

By Nora Bryan

For most bugwatchers, getting to know the spiders by the types of webs they weave is easier than trying to identify their sometimes small or shy owners. The Funnel-web spiders make dense silken sheets with a distinctive funnel on one edge and a network of lines overhead for tripping up insects who them fall onto the sheet. The spider scrambles from its resting place inside the funnel to seize and drag away the luckless insect.

Look for the distinctive webs of the Grass Spiders (Agelenopsis species) in grassy places, especially in the morning when dew catches the thin filaments and makes the web sparkle. Another good place to find an imported relative is in your basement. Here, you might find the web of the European House Spider (Tegenaria domestica). The dense web is horizontal and triangular, usually in a dark corner. The fair sized spider hangs out unobtrusievly in the corner funnel.

Funnel-web spiders are small to medium sized (up to 20 mm or in. long.). They are often brown with very long hairy legs and narrow pointed abdomens.

Sometimes the name 'funnel-web' makes people nervous because in the back of their minds they remember something about funnel-web spiders being dangerous. The danger comes not from these harmless spiders but from a completely different group of spiders from Australia also called funnel-web spiders. There is no need to fear our North American spiders.

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Where to find Funnel Web Weavers in Alberta   

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Funnel Web Weaver Family Sounds

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Recent Funnel Web Weaver Family Reports in Alberta

No. Location Reporter Date
3 Medicine Hat Dux 2011/07/24
1 Town of Bonnyville Hinsz 2010/08/01
1 Vista Heights Schlosser 2009/12/03
1 Village of Foremost Stromsmoe 2009/09/10
1 Airdrie Ware 2009/09/01

Funnel Web Weaver Family Hotspots in Alberta

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