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Wolf Spider Family
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General Description

By Nora Bryan

Even though Wolf Spiders donít create webs, they are the spiders we see most often. You find these rapidly moving spiders crossing pathways, in gardens, scurrying around in mountain scree Ė in fact just about anywhere an enterprising hunting spider could grab a bite and find a crevice to hide in. They are especially numerous in the mountains.

Rather than making a webby home, some Wolf Spiders live in short or long tunnels in the ground or amongst rocks. Others are true wanderers, keeping no permanent home.

Wolf Spiders are the lean, mean hunting machines of the spider world. Their keen eyesight gives them the ability to find prey and their long legs allow the spider to run down and make the chosen menu item a meal in short order.

Wolf Spiders are small to fairly large, from 3 to 35 mm (or 1/8 to 1 3/8 in. long) not including the legs. They are usually brown and may be patterned. The long legs are hairy. The eight eyes are arranged in three rows. Two eyes are often large and right on the face where you would expect them on a cartoon spider. There is a row of four small eyes underneath. The other two eyes may be small and behind the big pair.

Although they donít make webs, they can make silk. The females make a silken egg sac and carries it around attached to her abdomen. This distinctive sac is often white, pale brown or greenish, and it is often the thing that catches our eye first when spotting a Wolf Spider. An endearing trait of Wolf Spiders is that when the spiderlings emerge from the egg sac they immediately crawl onto their motherís back and hold on until they are big enough to let go and start a life of their own. There are about 40 species of Wolf Spiders in Alberta.

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Wolf Spider Family Hotspots in Alberta

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