Alberta, Canada
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Alder Flycatcher
Empidonax alnorum
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General Description

By Jim Davis

The Alder Flycatcher breeds from Alaska to Newfoundland, around the Great Lakes, and in the American northeast. In Alberta it is concentrated in the foothills, boreal forest, and aspen parkland. A good place to find these birds in Calgary is in the Weaselhead.

A neotropical migrant, it winters in South America. Formerly grouped with the Willow Flycatcher, they are difficult to distinguish visibly, and should be identified by song, and range. The Alder breeds throughout much of Canada, while the Willow is restricted along our southern border with the United States.

Their diet is primarily insects with lesser fruit.

The female constructs a cup-shaped nest in the crotch of a shrub or small tree in boggy or muskeg areas and in riparian habitat, laying 3-4 creamy white eggs with light brown flecks, incubating them for 13 days. The pair attend to the young, which take flight in 14 days. The nest is occasionally parasitized by cowbirds.

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Where to find Alder Flycatchers in Alberta   

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