Alberta, Canada
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American Pipit
Anthus rubescens
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General Description

By Jim Davis

The American Pipit formerly known as the Water Pipit breeds: in the Arctic from Newfoundland and Labrador to Alaska, in the B.C. interior, and along the Continental Divide south to Arizona. In Alberta they are restricted to the Rocky Mountains, with some spillover into the foothills.

They are a short distance migrant wintering in the southern United States, Mexico and Central America. Their preferred habitat is arctic and alpine tundra during the summer, and in winter; coastal beaches, marshes, stubble fields and river banks.

During the fall migration they can be seen at the Langdon Reservoir running about the south facing rock impoundment, and taking brief flights in between the sparse shrubbery, gathering insects and seeds which are their main diet.

The nest is an open cup of grassy material on the ground, sheltered by overhanging vegetation. The female lays 3-7, usually 5-6 mottled brown-tan eggs, which she incubates for 13-15 days, while being fed by the male away from the nest. The young are tended by both parents, fledging at 13-16 days. One brood is produced.

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American Pipit Behaviour   

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American Pipit Sounds

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1 Lorette Natural Area Davis 2011/04/21

American Pipit Hotspots in Alberta

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