Alberta, Canada
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Alkali Bluet
Enallagma clausum
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General Description

By Nora Bryan

The Alkali Bluet is a denizen of the southern parkland and prairies of Alberta. Look for this tiny blue flying stick around lakes, often but not necessarily alkaline lakes. Alkaline lakes usually have crusty white shorelines, so this is always a good place to start. The Alkali Bluet is a late riser, on the wing from mid-or late June through August.

Like bluets in general, the male Alkali Bluet is all blue and black. He sports medium width black bands on his first three abdominal segments followed by two longer ones. The female is blue or greenish yellow with her eighth abdominal segment entirely pale. Alkali Bluets are quite variable in length, from 24 to 27 mm (1 to 1 in.). The pointed upper claspers of the male are shorter than the pointed lower claspers. These bluets can be difficult to tell from Northern or Boreal Bluets when they are large.

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Where to find Alkali Bluets in Alberta   

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