Alberta, Canada
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Azure Darner
Aeshna septentrionalis
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General Description

By Nora Bryan

The Azure Darner is one of 11 species of Aeshnid darners found in Alberta, but it is not commonly observed. The Azure Darner is a creature of the Boreal north. Look for this blue dragonfly from mid-summer through early September around ponds, where it may be approached when perched on rocks, tree trunks or logs.

Like all Aeshnids, the Azure Darner exemplifies the aerial supremacy that dragonflies are known for. This eye-catching blue aerialist is small for a Darner, the males being about 60 mm (less than 2 in.) long, and the females a little smaller. They possess the beautiful mosaic pattern of green, blue and yellow markings on the abdomen that characterize Aeshnid darners. Darners can be difficult to tell apart. Besides its small size, the Azure Darner has more blue on the abdomen than other darners and sky blue spots may fuse to form irregular stripes. The stripes on the side of the thorax are narrow and zigzagged. The face is blue or green. The female is less vivid and has blue or yellowish green spots on the abdomen. As with all Darners, the large all-seeing eyes touch each other at the top of the blue or green head. The dark wing spots are narrow and elongate.

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Where to find Azure Darners in Alberta   

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