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Satyrs, Alpines & Ringlets Family
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General Description

By Nora Bryan

The medium sized butterflies in this Family are generally dull orange, brown or grayish brown. Many are rendered quite beautiful by delicate eyespot decorations on the wings.

The forewings veins are visibly swollen and function as a hearing organ. Like the Nymphalidae, (of which they are sometimes considered to be a Subfamily), the forelegs are reduced.

They often fly erratically, close to the ground in brushy places, and unlike other butterflies often flit about in shady places where they are less visible to predators. They seldom sip at flowers, preferring oozing sap and rotting fruit.

There are about 20 species that might be found in Alberta, some common and some rare, including Apines, Arctics, Wood Nymphs, and Ringlets. Although some species are widespread, the group is dominated by mountain and northern living species.

The spindle-shaped caterpillars have a fork at the end of the abdomen and feed on grasses and sedges.

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Recent Satyrs, Alpines & Ringlets Family Reports in Alberta

No. Location Reporter Date
2 Fish Creek Pk Waylett 2006/06/14
6 Frank Lk Yaki 2005/08/14
5 Fish Creek Pk Yaki 2005/08/12
1 Bowmont Flats Yaki 2005/08/11

Satyrs, Alpines & Ringlets Family Hotspots in Alberta

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