Alberta, Canada
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Common Branded Skipper
Hesperia comma
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General Description

By Nora Bryan

Common Branded Skippers are common across most of Alberta, except the most northern and northeastern thirds. They fly from June through August and are most commonly found along grassy roadsides and forest clearings. They are wary and fast flying. Males perch, waiting for females. They may nectar at flowers or sip at mud puddles.

This enigmatic skipper is highly variable. The upper wing surfaces are orange brown with irregular brown patches grading to a dark brown band along the wing margin. The paler underwings have rectangular white patches, and there is a small amount of green shading. This Branded skipper can be difficult to tell from other Alberta species: the Uncas, Plains, and Nevada.

The olive green caterpillar has a dark head and feeds on grasses at night.

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Where to find Common Branded Skippers in Alberta   

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Common Branded Skipper Behaviour   

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Interesting Facts about Common Branded Skippers   

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Common Branded Skipper Stories from our Readers   

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Recent Common Branded Skipper Reports in Alberta

No. Location Reporter Date
1 Dinosaur PP Bailey 2008/08/23
1 Sherwood Bailey 2008/08/22
1 Sibbald Tr Bryan 2006/07/23
1 Douglas Glen Davis 2005/06/20
1 Douglas Glen Davis 2005/06/19

Common Branded Skipper Hotspots in Alberta

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