Alberta, Canada
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Common Alpine
Erebia epipsodea
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General Description

By Nora Bryan

Common Alpines frequent moist meadows across Alberta. These dusky fliers emerge in late May in the warmer parts of the Province and as late as July in the mountains. Unlike most other Satyrs, Common Alpines frequent flowers. It shows the slow hopping flight that characterizes Alpines.

The upper surfaces of the wings, which the butterfly often obligingly displays when at rest are rich deep brown. There is a row of black eyespots, sometimes with a white centre along the trailing margins of all wings, set off in a diffuse orange band or in orange haloes around individual eyespots. The number of spots can vary but the two uppermost large eyespots on the forewings are always present. The spots are repeated on the wing underside.

The caterpillar is light green with a yellowish-brown head, a dark stripe down the back and alternating brown and yellowish side stripes. They eat grasses and overwinter as caterpillars.

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Where to find Common Alpines in Alberta   

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Common Alpine Behaviour   

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Common Alpine Stories from our Readers   

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Recent Common Alpine Reports in Alberta

No. Location Reporter Date
5 Alberta SW round 2011/07/15
5 Fairview Escarpment Blake 2009/06/19
5 Fairview Escarpment Blake 2009/06/18
1 Cardston County Blake 2009/06/13
2 Sherwood Bailey 2009/06/10

Common Alpine Hotspots in Alberta

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