Election Day is Tuesday April 16, 2019. What do the candidates for  Calgary-Glenmore think about the Weaselhead and the Society? We asked them the following questions: 

(1)  How important is it to you, that the Weaselhead Natural Area be maintained and protected? (E.g. Consider the impact of the South West Calgary Ring Road.) .

(2)  Any comments on our Society’s goals and endeavors?

(3)  Do you plan on helping us achieve our goals of protecting the Weaselhead? Please explain.

(4)  Add your own comments?

Read their responses by clicking on the names below:

Scott Appleby - Alberta Party (no response)

Allie Tulick - Green Party

Shirley Ksienski - Liberal Party

Jordan Stein - NDP

Whitney Issik - UCP

(Note:This information is for your electoral decision-making process. We, as a Society will not comment on the replies. Any comments you may find on social networks by Board members and/or members of the Society do not represent the views of the Society.)



The Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society works to protect the flora and fauna of the Weaselhead and Glenmore Parks and to preserve the integrity of the Elbow River.

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Interested in learning more about the fauna and flora you find in the Park?

Search our extensive and new species database for information on identification, life history, locations etc. and photos. (Many species are missing photos – if you can fill in the gaps with one of yours we would be very grateful! Please email weasel@theweaselhead.com

  For more about the Society, it's history and purpose... read here.


Note:The Weaselhead was a former military training ground - if you find any old ordinance - please leave it alone and contact the authorities: UXO_Factsheet_Calgary_Weaselhead (2)