At-home field trips

At-Home Field Trips

PARENTS: If schools are unable to offer students outdoor field trips to the Weaselhead this season, consider downloading one of our free ‘at-home’ field trip booklets…. (Prefer an outdoor field trip? Check out our modified outdoor programs.)

TEACHERS: Booklets have spaces for students to answer questions and record observations. They can be printed, handed out to be done at home, then collected for assessment. (Teachers with a ‘cohort’ or ‘learning pod’ – check out our modified outdoor programs.)

The booklets cover the same science units as our usual outdoor programs, but can be done in your home, in your backyard or in a neighbourhood park or green space. The booklets contain all the instructions and information required for completion. The activities aim to get students away from devices and screens and to encourage direct observation of the natural world while covering the relevant Alberta curriculum. Internet access is not necessary. 

Extra assistance is available via email or video chat with one of our Naturalists.  This service is  free for members, non-members will be charged a small fee. For details contact


Grade 1: Investigating the Needs of Plants and Animals


Grade 2:

Winter Wonders:

Learn how to identify animal track patterns in our video below, they head outside and see what you can find!



Grade 3:

  • student activity booklet (none available at present)


Grade 4:

Video Demonstration – Nature Safari


Grade 5:


Grade 6:


Self-Guided hike through the Weaselhead

  • Focus your attention on the nature sights and sounds of the park.                                            Take along our Winter Scavenger Hunt and see how many items you can find!
  • Share your results with us on social media with #weaselheadpark