Park Location

Where is The Weaselhead?

The satellite image below shows the two parking lots for access to The Weaselhead - one to the north of the Park in Lakeview at 37th St and 66th Ave SW, and one on the south in Oakridge just off 90th Ave SW (by a Parks Dept. depot). There are also parking and picnic areas along the road that runs through North Glenmore Park (note this turns into a one-way road, flowing west to east, in the central section).

Washrooms and other amenities? There are no washrooms in The Weaselhead itself (the Park is prone to flooding - and no one wants untreated waste washing into the reservoir!). The nearest is an outhouse facing the paved bike path just south of the 37th St/66th Ave parking lot. There are proper washrooms about a 5 mins walk east from here in North Glenmore Park by the 'Snowy Owl' picnic area and at the 90th Ave park entrance (Note: both the outhouse and washrooms are closed in winter)

Where are the trails? There are large signs at  the entrances to the park showing the regional pathway system including the section in The Weaselhead shown by 'stars' on map below). At the foot of the hill just to the south of the bridge over the Elbow is a map of the trail system (copy shown here) displayed on the Park notice board. The regional path shown in red is the only paved path - the others are dirt trails. There is a parking lot just west of the intersection of 37th St and 66th Ave SW (top right of map) and another at the end of 90th Ave SW (bottom right of map)  Please stay on the trail network and off the many 'unofficial' trails and short-cuts! (The damage these cause is easily visible.)

Trail map
Trail map