Report a Sighting

The best way of keeping the Weaselhead weed free is to stop invasive plants ever establishing! You can help by reporting sightings of Scentless Chamomile, Ox-eye Daisy or Black Henbane to Every year we find a couple of outbeaks of these species - either individuals or small colonies of plants - and quickly pull them up before they can set seed and spread.

If you see other plants/flowers you think may be new invasive species moving into the Park - please also let us know! Just email to the above address with a description, photos if any, and location.(Don't worry if you are not an expert and are unsure about your identification - we would rather get lots of false reports than miss one actual sighting!)

You can find much more information about 'EDRR' - Early Detection Rapid Response - at the Alberta Invasive Species Council EDDMapS site. If you are interested in flowers and are often out in Alberta's parks and natural areas, why not join up and become part of the Provincial EDRR team?

Excellent AISC fact sheets on the above and other plants on the Provincial 'weed list' can be downloaded here. (note: some species are listed as 'prohibited noxious' and others as 'noxious'. This refers to the Alberta Weed Control Act that requires weeds designated as 'prohibitied noxious' to be complety eradicated if found, and 'noxious' weeds to be controlled. 'Uncategorised' species are recognised as invasive but are not included in this legislation.)