Free Play Art Show and Sale

Saturday October 1, 2016 from 10am-5pm

WHERE: Calgary Canoe Club

East Entrance, North Glenmore Park


Paintings inspired by nature

FREEPLAY artists, Elaine Bouey, Richard Conte, Carol Green, Paule

Poulin, Doug Robertz, and guests, Grace Clark, Burke Darling and

Wanda Rottenfusser. Join us to view paintings from the unique

perspective of each artist. 10% to Weaselhead Preservation Society.

MMEC Student’s Ecosystem Projects

Weaselhead naturalists were working with the Maria Montessori Education Centre’s students over the Fall. We explored five different ecosystems in the park and the students participated in our Fescue Rescue program to try and help preserve our small patch of native grassland. The students also helped remove some invasive shrubs in the park that are threatening our natural ecosystems. Finally, they tied what they learned at the Weaselhead into their unit on Ecosystems at school and created these dioramas and posters, complete with miniature animals.

Great work students and thank you so much for your help in the Weaselhead! We were happy to work with you and your great appreciation for our natural areas.


chickadee survey results

Thanks to all who helped track winter flocks of chickadees in the Park earlier in the year. his map shows the chickadee ‘hot-spots’. Anyone interested in looking into the data in more detail – get in touch! ( We recorded the number of Black-capped chickadees and other species in each flock and followeded them around their territory as they foraged….:


Blue line = boundary of the Weaselhead; Green square = typical chickadee territory of 10ha (4 – 40ha territories have been recorded): Pink teardrops = places with seed (from people) almost always present (other places had seed sometimes); Orange lines = trails; Yellow polygons = areas we found then tracked a flock before loosing it.