May Plant Count 2024

Thank you to everyone who helped out with this year’s May Plant Count.

We observed a total of 36 species, compared to 47 last year.

Of the plants that were flowering this year, we observed more species in the bud stage, where as last year, more were in full bloom.

Check out our video to see pictures of the plants we observed this year!

Here is the full list of species we saw:

Species Phase
Hookedspur Violet Blooming
Starry False Solomon’s Seal Blooming
Bastard Toadflax Bud
Saskatoon Blooming
Virgina Strawberry Blooming
Golden Bean Blooming
Northern Bedstraw Bud
Western Stoneseed Blooming
Northern Comandra Blooming
Red Osier Dogwood Bud
Chokecherry Bud
Arctic Butterbur Blooming
Prairie Smoke Blooming
Sticky Geranium Blooming
Field Penny-cress Blooming
Prairie Pasqueflower Seed
Bearberry Blooming
Slender Leafy Spurge Blooming
Canadian Buffalo Berry Blooming
Boreal Sweet-vetch Blooming
Purple Clematis Blooming
Heart-leaf Golden Alexandra Blooming
Field Pussytoes Blooming
Dwarf Raspberry Bud
Veiny Meadow-Rue Bud
Common Dandelion Blooming
Field Chickweed Blooming
Canadian Gooseberry Bud
Field Milkvetch Blooming
Tatarian Honeysuckle Bud
Squashberry Bud
Glaucous Honeysuckle Bud
Textile Onion Bud
Siberian Peashrub Bud
Wolf Willow Bud
Wax-leaf Beardtongue Blooming


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