Weaselhead Snow Art

Weaselhead Snow Art

Snow art creation: Lisa Dahlseide + Family

This winter we want to bring the beauty of art into the Weaselhead! Inspired by the snow and ice sculptures by Andy Goldworthy, let’s create similar installations throughout the park.

Between January and March show us your snow art creations in the Weaselhead (or backyard if unable to travel far) for a chance to win some Weaselhead prizes.


Create snow/ice art in the Weaselhead and post your creations to either of the following  with #weaselheadsnowart & tag us:

  • Twitter – @weaselheadpark
  • Facebook – Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society
  • Instagram – @weaselheadpark
  • Email (if not on social media) – events@theweaselhead.com

When creating your art we ask that you please:

  1. Stay on designated pathways/trails
  2. Use nature how it is. (ie. please do not pull twigs/branches off trees for your art)
  3. Follow COVID restriction (small groups – distancing if out with different households etc.)

We are looking forward to seeing what you create!

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