Please Give Wildlife Space to Scavenge, Forage, and Hunt

Many species of birds are beginning their migration north. It is vital that they can hunt successfully to have the energy needed to complete their journeys. We can minimize any disturbances to birds by:

  1. Giving them ample space – Do not surround it or get close
  2. Don’t shine flashlights or phone lights directly at the bird
  3. Be aware of the activity of the bird – If it’s looking around it may be hunting. If it is calling it may be searching for a mate. DO NOT be overtly loud as to disturb their activity
  4. Don’t overstay your welcome. Once you’ve had a look, move on.
  5. If photos are being shared on iNaturalist, ebird and social media, please don’t share the exact location, or simply wait a few days before posting.

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